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Childhood Sounds: Carolina Montano

Sofie Araya

“After coming to Wesleyan I've identified more strongly to my Hispanic and my Latin roots. So sometimes, well, a lot of the time, when I’m feeling homesick I literally just listen to these songs and just dance by myself in my room, because that's what my grandma does. That’s what I saw her do when I was growing up. It reminds me a lot of home and it just reminds me of them… it's a nice little thing to help me get by.” [laughs]

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A Recovered Past; Loss and Resilience in UNPACKED: Refugee Baggage

Bailey Vehslage

"People aren’t hard-wired to conceptualize mass suffering in real-time. When a neighbor feels pain we can empathize, but when we hear of the same pain being inflicted on someone across the globe, on millions across the globe, our reaction is more complex."

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On Concert Culture and the Need for Safer Spaces

Allison Hsu

"Wesleyan as a community can do better when it comes to representation and support, and not just among performers, but among all participants of the music scene, whether it be those who host and organize shows or those who attend. Rape culture, sexism, and violence are not required to show their IDs at the door to enter these venues. They are already present, and have been for quite some time."

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