to shoot the sun

Photos by Bella Convertino

Solenne Spitalier

Photo Series: “to shoot the sun” by Bella Convertino

Bella Convertino (‘21) is a Studio Art major with a concentration in photography. Bella is from a small town just an hour north of New York City. She’s is interested in making images that speak to the interplay between familial and gender structures, the inheritance of power, and the practice of memory-work.

“to shoot the sun” is both a reflection upon my experience with masculine energies, and a testimony to the promise–– how it will forever operate as a gendered identity. Lasting promises are made to “boy” and “girl” when they are little; promises about the future, about identity, about freedom. These promises, though, break down over time. For me, it was quite early on. I’m interested in this erosion of the promise, and how this process is varied in length according to the operations of gender.
As a woman, I watch with both bitterness and empathy at the sight of men having not yet experienced the brokenness of such promises, or having only just begun to have suspicions. The title of the piece is a proposition of action. But the action is an impossible one. This notion of impossibility intrigues me. Who, even in the face of irrationality, would try to conquer the sun? “Boy” or “girl”?
— Bella Convertino