Let Us Speak In Falsetto

Kyron Roberts

Julia Cella

Julia Cella

For colored boiz

For queer colored boiz

For innocent...





Colored boiz 


who rock to Betty Davis 

And Durand Bernarr

Down in the paint 

Getting crucified like a saint

Don't let another false prophet

tell ya u caint 

Light sage 

And Expel demon from cage 

Embers press against skin 

Like nagging kin

Slow to burn 

Peeling back layers 

Having left their mark

Slow to learn 

Whisper of prayers 

Left to fall silent in the dark 

But Black skin that shines

Ain't hard to find

Shea and coconut been clearing ash from bruised rinds


They say I’m different 'cause I’m sweet like Black berry and Red kool aid 

They say I’m different 'cause I eat ass and suck dick

But that won't have braids unraveling here sis

I can’t help it if I was born different 

But my daddy don't care

Because he loves me for real

And he’d do anything for his little queer colored boi

Say I’m different 'cause I’m sweet like black berry and Red kool aid 

Say I’m different 'cause I eat ass and suck dick


But don't play coy

run on Colored Boi

That's right, different

That's right, strange

when I walk, I strut 

When I talk,  I can make a nigga blush

Chassé, serve face, Don't play, 

Coons still outche lookin suus

Mouths Wide shut

Zip and hush  

Running laps around bros

Leaving unchecked stares

In the dust 

Busting out the closet on the seventh day

Having them fall to their knees.. Struck

Put your records on Colored boiz

Get floetic if u have to

Cause isn't that what charlie always want u to do

But remember

You're a wash n set away

From pressed to decompressed

From stressed to damn near fearless


Leave in

And Repeat



Outchea lookin for a eunuch

Take a seat 


Ease your  mind colored boi

Easy your mind 


Stop cradling limp dick 

docked on mom and pops shrivelling tit 


Hear queer colored boi talk 

Air go flat and have the nerve to scoff

Niggas forget, like nut, they small and quick to finish off


Their love is the worst drug 

But isn't that like a queer colored boi to flick em off with the shrug


Eyes tightly coiled

Whilst Charlie screaming icon-n-e-c-k


gotta recoil

laugh from chest 

Scrunched mouth from neck

Lest I get rickety wrecked


And checked 


Queer Colored Boiz 

Don't Forget to do ya best and speak from the chest


And if your from the ghetto 

Let us harmonize whilst we speak in falsetto