Poet's Desk: That Night I

Sam Pollak

Sam Pollak

Sam Pollak

walked down Cumberland Avenue to meet my own ghost. He

stood there naked and trembling waiting on my arrival. I thought maybe he

would kill me but instead he smiled with his hands he grabbed hold of my

shoulders and asked how is your Libido? The funny thing about it

was I was about to find out when he loosened his belt and held it

out to me and told me to whip him four times. And so I

did and it left a big pink mark on his back but he

seemed to like it and I did too. But it got worse from there when he

pinned me to the sidewalk and a tree fell on me, so then I counted its

rings like you can count his wrinkles and there were four which I

believe is a lot for a tree /or a ghost and he was both did I

mention that to you? So then we made love I mean we fucked it

really was quite grotesque. And the cock was like a screwdriver which he

screwed into me real tight,nice and tight,right where my

liver was and I bled out a horrible-looking thing which got all over so we

had to get on our hand-knees and lap it up like we were dogs. And my

mouth got so heavy I had to get a wheelbarrow. And my ghost he got inside and I

did too and then we had more fun until I was devoid of all juice and his

pink scars started to open up. So we sat on the curb and sang a hymn or two until it

got too loud and a neighbor called the fire department on us. And when they

arrived nothing was there except a tombstone marked “My

Libido” and a tree stump with only four rings on it.