Tiny Dorm Concert Series: EmilyJane

Myles Johnson

EmilyJane has been generating music for over two years, utilizing songwriting to understand the world around here. She writes original music, accompanying herself with guitar. A common trait of her work is expressing love in the forms of letters either to herself or others.   

When asked about the artists that made her fall in love with her craft, she notes Gregory Alan Isakov and Corey Kilgannon. In her song Robotic Heart, she emulates the vulnerability that drew her to Isakov and Kilgannon. Through her music, EmilyJane is making sense of her own emotions and passing that wisdom on to her audience.  

 Written by: Sahara Sidi (Instagram: @S.P.Sidi)

Audio Engineer: Iris Sackman (Instagram: @irisolympia)

Director and Producer: Myles Johnson (Instagram: @Traker45)