Poet's Desk: Bluebrown

Artemio Leclerc-Jones

Julia Cella

Julia Cella

The boy. Where’d he go 

this time? Wandering boy. Homesick boy. Come back before too much withers away like Predeath. Uh oh. There was a breeze last night. Breadcrumbs blown away. He’ll starve.         Please come home. Fly back to me. Drop in my soil. 

Grow up again. Die normal. Outside the ghostwhite house it’s night. I find glowing impressions leading into nothing. His trail. I’m crying. With the shakes. I skip to mask the fear. Tip tap. I follow for years. Behind me: A dot. In front: the boy. Him. Delicious. I lie down. 

Full. Don’t close my eyes. 

It’s dark anyway. Next morning, above every     star clotted. The big one sets in the curvature of me, the horizon.            Finally, we go home like living

Bought in breath Brought it 

back and kept breathing

Inhaling debt To pass each moment instance I’ve borrowed time I

Feel breath pulling Big gasps 

Time swelling full Aghast Head 

getting cloudy Blood smoke losing 

color Body made transparent Flimsy 

Time is choking My account 

is buried deep I’ll be 

done soon Still breathing smoke  

I can’t stop 

breathing Tell me to stop 

borrowing Overborrowed and prolonged 

ownership lost due

dates Forget it 

Borrowed that from Dad smoke Bury

me in everything

swam too far, mama

I wanna go back, mama can I swim on

your back

I am tired, mama

it is so deep

I am oh - so - small,

mama take me back to

weightfulness ‘cause the water is cold here the pressure, mama the pressure of the water

punctures me I am too cold to move, to speak too cold to breathe

I can’t stop breathing, mama the pressure, mama

I can’t swim no more

We are too far, mama

I can’t keep going

I’ve never been so deeply cold I am too small to stay warm I need land, mama and

I can’t keep my head up any more

the weight of floating is holding and swarming and dragging, mama, I cannot stop it and as I sink

I see you n’

my sisters in the center of the sun