A Recovered Past; Loss and Resilience in UNPACKED: Refugee Baggage

Bailey Vehslage

"People aren’t hard-wired to conceptualize mass suffering in real-time. When a neighbor feels pain we can empathize, but when we hear of the same pain being inflicted on someone across the globe, on millions across the globe, our reaction is more complex."

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Phoebe Liebling

“‘I like just being near them. And I think that’s the thing about books: just physically being near books that you love is a very centering thing. The other week I was kind of stressed and confused, so I picked up Angels in America and read my favorite scenes from it. It made me instantly feel better, and I think that’s what books do.’”

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Intimidation, Unfair Hiring, but Fair Wages? The Chronicles of Broad Street Books

Ginger Hutchinson, Lucy de Lotbinière, Saam Niami Jalinous

“'While salary levels were originally determined after closely reviewing industry standards, upon further consideration, we have come to agree that a minimum $12 hourly rate would be more consistent with Wesleyan’s values and policies,' she says. 'For full-time employees, this could total the equivalent of $15 an hour with benefits. In fact, the majority of full-time workers at the bookstore will earn significantly more, based on their positions.'"

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