About The Artifex

The Wesleyan Artifex is Wesleyan's student-run literary and arts journal. The Artifex is dedicated to truth, fairness, and inclusion.

The Wesleyan Artifex was founded in the Spring of 2017 by Saam Niami Jalinous (2020), who envisioned a publication where writers had the opportunity to publish and workshop their work of any form or topic, from any class paper or late night poetry session.

Recognizing the sheer number of talented authors on this campus, The Artifex strives to create a space where artists can create without strict deadlines, collaborate on creative projects and ideas, or branch out into the community through journalism. Since the start of The Artifex, we have grown into a publication not just for writers and illustrators, but artists of all disciplines. We see your photography, visual art, film/video, music and fashion. Did we leave something out? Well, we love that, too. We recognize your talent and want to provide you a platform to share it with the world.